The Inman aligner presents a groundbreaking approach to orthodontic treatment, offering a swift and efficient solution for straightening front teeth. Recommended by our dentist for individuals with crowded or protruding front teeth, this orthodontic device embodies a blend of convenience and effectiveness. It is not only an expedient method to achieve dental aesthetics but also plays a pivotal role in enhancing oral health.

Inman Aligners

Crafted to resemble a retainer, the Inman aligner operates on the principle of dynamic forces, employing nickel titanium coil springs that energize the aligner bows. These bows, positioned in opposition, apply gentle yet consistent pressure on your teeth, guiding them to their ideal alignment. This mechanism underscores the aligner’s capability to deliver noticeable results in a considerably short timeframe.

Advantages of the Inman aligner include:

  • Speed of Treatment: Remarkably, most cases reach completion within six to 18 weeks, positioning the Inman aligner as a highly preferable choice if you are seeking rapid orthodontic adjustments.
  • Removability: Tailored to suit a modern lifestyle, its removable nature facilitates ease of maintenance and adherence to oral hygiene practices, allowing you to remove the device while eating or cleaning your teeth.
  • Minimal Invasiveness: Compared to traditional braces, the Inman aligner is less intrusive, making it a less daunting option for patients.
  • Enhanced Aesthetic and Health Benefits: Beyond improving the visual appeal of your smile, aligning your teeth correctly also contributes to better oral health, reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease.

While the Inman aligner is removable, we recommend that you wear it as recommended by our dentist to maximize the effectiveness of your treatment. Dr. Raymond del Castillo will discuss how long you should be wearing this retainer each day, and we encourage you to follow this recommendation and only remove your aligner to eat, brush or floss. You should also clean both the aligner and your teeth before replacing it in your mouth.

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