Dental photography plays a pivotal role in our practice, offering a broad spectrum of applications that extend far beyond the mere documentation of clinical cases. This type of extraoral photography (which means that it captures images from outside the mouth) is essential for comprehensive patient care, treatment planning and aesthetic considerations, as well as for educational and marketing purposes.

Dental Photography

Extraoral dental photography involves capturing images of the face, including frontal views, profile views and smile dynamics. It requires a camera equipped with a suitable lens and possibly an external flash, to produce high-quality images. These photos are instrumental in evaluating facial symmetry, aesthetics and the relationship of the teeth to the soft tissues and the face as a whole.

Applications and benefits of dental photography include:

  • Diagnostic Tool: It aids in the comprehensive assessment of facial proportions, symmetry and aesthetic considerations, enhancing the diagnostic accuracy for reconstructive and cosmetic dental procedures.
  • Treatment Planning: By providing a clear overview of the facial aesthetics, extraoral photos assist our dentist in planning treatments that are in harmony with your overall appearance.
  • Patient Communication: These images serve as an effective communication tool between you and our dentist and team, allowing for a better understanding of treatment objectives and expected outcomes.
  • Educational Resource: Extraoral photographs are invaluable for dental education and training, facilitating the discussion and analysis of cases among dental professionals.
  • Documentation and Marketing: Before-and-after photographs showcase the transformation achieved through dental treatments, serving as powerful testimonials for the quality of care provided.

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